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Showing posts with label Drug Abuse and Traffic. Show all posts

Germany Shuts Down a Dark Web Marketplace

May 03, 2019 0

China Bans All Types of Fentanyl, Fulfilling Pledge to Trump

April 01, 2019 0

The Opioid Dilemma: Saving Lives in the Long Run Can Take Lives in the Short Run

March 04, 2019 0

Colombian Prosecutor Investigating FARC Is Accused of Taking Bribe for Ex-Rebel

March 02, 2019 0

El Chapo’s Sons Are Indicted on Drug Conspiracy Charge

February 22, 2019 0

El Chapo Highlighted Mexican Corruption, but Drug Money Also Lubricates U.S. Border

February 18, 2019 0

El Chapo Was Convicted. Here’s What Happens Next.

February 13, 2019 0

Emma Coronel Aispuro Talks About Her Life as El Chapo’s Wife

January 30, 2019 0

El Chapo Trial Suggests Trump’s Wall Would Do Little to Stop Drug Smuggling

January 22, 2019 0

11 Indicted in 2016 Triple Murder to Silence D.E.A. Informant

January 15, 2019 0

What Advocates of Legalizing Pot Don’t Want You to Know

January 05, 2019 0

At the El Chapo Trial, a Son Betrays His Father, and the Cartel

January 04, 2019 0

How Does a Writer Put a Drug Trip Into Words?

December 24, 2018 0

The El Chapo Trial: New York’s Newest Tourist Destination

December 18, 2018 0

Brazil’s Violent Drug Trade Overruns Paraguay: ‘Scenes You Only See in Movies’

December 15, 2018 0

El Chapo Speaks: Jury Hears Secretly Recorded Phone Call Detailing Drug Deal

December 14, 2018 0

Bloods Gang Members Charged in Rikers Island-Based Crime Ring, Officials Say

December 13, 2018 0

Honduran President’s Brother, Arrested in Miami, Is Charged With Drug Trafficking

November 27, 2018 0

Trump’s Callous Use of Kanye

October 15, 2018 0

The Bright Future and Grim Death of a Privileged Hollywood Daughter

October 14, 2018 0
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